Erica Linger - Founder & CEO

Read more about the story behind DIY Soap at About Us .

Erica Linger


Sarah - Allround Employee

Sarah is studying at the UvA and works at the store in Amsterdam. She helps with product development, social media and sales.


Gessica Lucci - Marketing & Promotion

Gessica is the owner of GL Promotions and helps small to medium-sized companies with marketing, social media content & promotion. Gessica speaks English, Italian, Russian and now also Dutch. At DIY Soap Gessica does the promotions for the workshops and assists during the skin care workshops. 

Gessica Lucci


Danielle van de Vlag - Communication & Content

Danielle is a freelance blogger, content creator, journalist and web editor. In addition, she has an online lifestyle magazine Puur van Geluk . For DIY Soap, Danielle writes blogs about natural skin care, in which she shares all kinds of tips & tricks.