Organic Argan Oil

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Organic Argan Oil

Organic Argan Oil, 100% pure and of the highest quality. Argan oil has great benefits for the skin. The oil is full of essential unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, and anti-oxidants. This means that the oil is very suitable for dry skin and keeps it healthy and shiny. Because of the hydrating ingredients the argan oil firms to counteract the skin and helps wrinkles. Our Organic Argan Oil has a mild nutty flavor and comes from Morocco.

The oil comes in a glass bottle with a pipet so you can measure the quantity allowing you to be sparing with the oil making it last longer. 

Content: 50 ml

Ingredient: biological virgin argan oil (Argania spinoza Kernel Oil - cold pressed). Country of origin: Morocco. 


Argan Oil for your face

Are you starting with the use of argan oil on your face? Then it is best to apply the oil once a day at bedtime. If you like the effects you are seeing and the look or feel of your skin from the use of the oil, you can apply the oil twice a day. Once upon waking up in the morning and a second time before going to bed. You can also use the oil on top of a good skincare product. This ensures that the skin retains better moisture, can restore the skin barrier and active substances may penetrate deeper into the skin. Apply one or two drops of the oil to your skin. Massage the oil on your skin so that it has the opportunity to draw deep into your pores. Do not rinse off. Let it dry off into the skin. Once the oil is absorbed into the skin (which is a quick, easy and natural skin process), your skin feels smooth and silky. Argan oil is also very suitable to rub all over the body, not just the face.


Is argan oil suitable for all skin types?

Argan oil is so special because it is suitable for all skin types: oily, normal, dry and mature skin. It’s possible that there are people who may be allergic to argan oil, mainly people with nut allergies.


Argan Oil for your hair

Argan oil is also very suitable to repair dry, fragile and damaged hair back to being healthy and shiny. Coat your hair 1 time per week with the oil, let it absorb in the hair and rinse again or you can apply a few drops of oil and massage in the hair after every wash. Because the oil is non-greasy and quickly absorbed is your hair shine again without getting her fat. 


Active Substances in Argan Oil

Essential unsaturated fatty acids: a powerful moisturizer for skin and effective in the fight against premature skin aging. Essential fatty acids also prevent fine lines.

Vitamin E: a good nutrient for the skin cells, which prevents aging of the skin cells.

Sterols: keeps the cell membranes of the skin cells healthy and reduces inflammation. Sterols also improve the metabolism of the skin.

Ferulic acid: prevents skin aging and protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. 

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