Sustainable Packaging

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Sustainable packaging is important for DIY Soap. We devote attention to it in the following ways:


1) DIY Soap only uses containers from PLA bio plastic, which are made from cornstarch that are compostable *.

2) The paperboard we use is 80% made from recycled cardboard. The remaining 20% ​​consists of new paper. **

3) Our products are not supplied in plastic, but in glass jars and bottles. These jars and bottles can be reused at home or they can be also recycled.

4) We use FSC baking paper - Unbleached parchment.***

5) Suppliers deliver their products always pre-packaged. The packaging material we use at DIY Soap is recycled.

6) DIY Soap is working with Noordbaan at Leiden: a social work center for clients with intellectual disabilities. Chances are high that someone at Noordbaan will package your product. Noordbaan is a social day care program from Gemiva-SVG group, in which they support people with various physical and mental handicaps. Additionally, we collaborate with Lara Care, a social day care center in Waddinxveen. Our soaps are made by hand and then packaged by their clients.  

*Compostable certified according to EU-norm EN-13432


** Because of recycling, paper fibers become shorter. After recycling approximately five times, the fiber becomes too short that as a result there is only dust. To keep the production cycle of paper going, a new portion (not yet recycled) of raw material is always needed. The trees that our supplier uses for this purpose come mainly from Scandinavia. In the ecologically managed forests, two new trees are being planted for every tree cut down.


*** The paper that is used for this baking paper is completely compostable and FSC-certified. This certification means the paper is extracted from sustainably managed forests, which take into account the local population and the environment. The paper is provided with a silicone coating, this material is mainly extracted from natural sources such as sand, and rock. After use, the paper can be disposed with organic waste (compost).

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