Rich Body Cream Refill

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Body Cream Refill

Have enough glass jars/pots in your house? Then join Reduce, Reuse and recycle and order only the ingredients for this natural body moisturizer. With this refill product there is no glass pot included. Would you like to have a glass jar? Please take a look at our Body Cream that includes a glass-preserving jar.

This rich body cream works wonders for the dry and sensitive skin. Have you tried everything for your dry skin? Try this extremely nourishing, oily, creamy, delicious body cream. This cream will put a stop to your itchy, irritated and dry skin. Rich Body Cream is packed with organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and almond oil. This is an easy cream to apply because of the airy and creamy texture it gets when mixing together. Beneficial for your skin and also smells like a touch of coconut! Rich Body Cream comes in a beautiful glass-preserving jar.

Once the body cream is ready, small pieces of shea butter may still be left over. These melt in your hand as you apply the cream. Did you know that we have a Body Cream Refill? Then you get only the ingredients without an additional preserving jar.

Contents: 350 ml.


Making Body Cream

Cooking time: 7 minutes. Requirements: mixer, bowl, spoon.

Tip: Does body butter and body lotion from the drugstore not work for you? Suffer from an itchy and sensitive skin? Try this Rich Body Cream. This cream really works, because "the cream is 100% Natural and is packed with organic shea butter!


Shea butter

The main component of the Rich Body Cream is shea butter. Shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E and is very nourishing and moisturizing. In addition, shea butter has a protective operating layer with mild antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter is gentle on the skin and therefore very appropriate for people with sensitive skin and for babies. Do you want to know more? Then read our blog or Shea Butter.


How Do I Make My Body Cream?

- The Rich Body Cream comes with a detailed guide.

- Put all ingredients in a large bowl.

- Mix all ingredients with hand mixer until it forms a creamy cream (resembling whipped cream).

- Put the Rich Body Cream in preserving jar and enjoy your soft skin!

- The tray where the coconut oil is in is corn plastic and 100% compostable.

- After preparing, has three months shelf life.


Body Cream Ingredients:

Organic shea butter* (Butyrospermum Parkii nut butter), organic coconut oil, extra virgin * (Cocos nucifera oil), Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis oil).

*certified organic

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