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Ioana Hotoiu - 29 / Jun / 2020

How to identify your skin type

Are you one of the people having a hard time finding suitable products for their skin? We've prepared a simple guide on how to figure out your skin type and how to care for it the right way.

How to identify your skin type
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Sensitive skin reacts badly to many skincare products, especially those with strong chemicals or fragrances. For this reason, people with sensitive skin are mostly recommended to use natural products, which mostly contain nutrients that are already in the skin and other plant-based ingredients that are very gentle to it. 

Usual characteristics of sensitive skin

gets easily irritated

prone to rashes and redness

most beauty products burn

slightly oily at the end of the day


Gentle exfoliators - Kaolin clay

Oatmeal face wash

Shea butter for hydration

Shea Butter

Rich natural cream for sensitive skin 

Rosewater to calm the skin

Rose serum to reduce scars

Rose water

Moisturizing face scrub to remove dead cells once a week.

Face Scrub


Dry skin is caused by an insufficient oil production by the sebaceous glands. This skin type is more prone to aging since it lacks elasticity. Since dry skin is very thin, it can feel very tight after a hot shower and extremely flaky during winter. 

Usual characteristics of dry skin

the skin is rough and sometimes itchy 

pores not visible

no shine 

rare breakouts 

blackheads not very visible 

aging effects visible


Rich cream - natural face balm every night

Face Balm

Plant based oils - argan,almond,nigella, avocado 2 or 3 times per week

argan oil

Cleansing oil and Konjac Sponge red clay

Rose serum to reduce wrinkles

Rose serum

Rose toner

Moisturizing cream during the day

Natural eye cream under the eyes

eye cream


This skin type is a very common one and it’s associated with having different skin types amongst different areas on the face. Usually, the nose, forehead, and chin are oily while the cheeks feel duller and dry. The skin is also drier and can get easily irritated during winter times and get extra oily during summer. That means that there must be targeted products used for different areas of the face. 

Usual characteristics of combination skin

oily in the T-zone 

dry in the cheek zone 

dry spots and breakouts at the same time


Organic cream all over the face every day to mattify and hydrate

Rich face balm on dry spots

Face balm

Bentonite mask in the T-zone 3 or 4 times per week

Face wash every day and Konjac Sponge aloe vera

face brush 2 times per week for gentle to remove dirt particles

face brush

Jojoba oil at night

Rose toner every day


This skin type is characterized by hyperactive sebaceous glands that produce too much oil and thus, the skin feels constantly greasy and extra shiny. Having oily skin can be caused by hormonal imbalances, living in a very humid climate or simply by genetics. Too much exfoliation can also cause the skin to produce too much oil, so having oily skin does automatically mean that extra harsh products have to be used. Avoid drying your skin out and try to maintain a balanced moisturize level. 

Usual characteristics of oily skin

the skin has an oily shine 

pores are large 

blackheads visible

frequent breakouts


Face wash every day to deep remove dirt particles

Olive oil soap for face wash

Face brush 3 times per week to remove excess oils

Face brush

Acne-prone serum

Serum acne prone skin

Bentonite mask 3 times a week for gentle exfoliation

Witch Hazel toner to unclog pores and reduce the visibility of pores

witch hazel toner

Tea tree on pimples

tea tree oil

Jojoba oil after exfoliation to control oil production


This skin type is called ‘eudermic’, where ‘eu’ stands for good and well-balanced. Generally, this skin type is common amongst kids or individuals around 20-25 years old with a very healthy lifestyle. Other people that have this skin type are usually blessed with very good genes, but that doesn’t mean that it should be taken for granted. A normal skin type is not going to be resistant to aging effects, sun damage or dryness forever. It needs to be carefully taken care of in order to be ‘normal’ for a longer period of time. 

Usual characteristics of normal skin

balanced oil level

soft and discrete glow

rare blemishes

small pores

very rare sensitivities to products

even pigmentation


Rosewater toner twice a day to prevent breakouts and maintain the skin’ healthy appearance

Hydrating cream in the morning a day to prevent aging effects

day and night face cream

Cleansing oil and Konjac Sponge 

konjac sponge

Bentonite mask or Kaolin once a week for gentle exfoliation 

Face balm at night 

 Skin Care Advice

Not sure which products work for your skin? Let us help you with your skin care! Take this skin care test to figure out which DIYS Soap skin care products work best for your skin type!

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